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About us

We are a young company with a strong ethical commitment. Our products are specially designed thinking of improving your quality of life and wellbeing, as well as the environment. Our methods are gentle nature improving soil health and contributing to a stronger biodiversity.

We are committed to contribute to a better future for the planet and the generations to come, going beyond the simply sustainable, being "Regenerative".


Our History

Regeneractive arose from the inspiration given by the beneficial properties and wide potential of Industrial Hemp as a crop for the ecosystem.


We firmly believe that the future will be Regenerative in order to maintain and develop biodiversity on planet Earth, which is the basis of the health of humanity and therefore of the continuation of our species.


The cultivation of Industrial Hemp can contribute positively to many factors as it is a plant with varied uses and wide possibilities for the practice of agriculture free of pesticides and heavy fertilizers for the environment and with a high degree of feedback.

Our objective is to collaborate in developing a better future, thinking about our planet and future generations, going beyond the merely sustainable and organic.

Our goal is to contribute to the regeneration of soils in a state of abandonment and prone to erosion through the use of regenerative agriculture techniques, the care of traditional crops and the reintroduction of the cultivation of Industrial hemp. This crop has a multitude of benefits for nature, for animals and for humans.

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