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Terms & Conditions

Basic provisions

By completing the order of goods through the online store, the customer enters into a so-called distance contract with the seller also known as contract made in distance.

The default language for resolving disputes and for eliminating doubts and errors in translation is the store's operator home country official language. In the case of existence of more than one official language, the language in which the online store has the terms and conditions shall be used and in the order the one used in the population of the operator's country by more percentage points.

The basic legal framework of this store is the same country as the home country of the operator.

Ordering goods

Goods can only be ordered through the online store's web interface.

All prices are final, including VAT, unless stated otherwise.

Each order must contain valid information.

In case of any doubt, can any order be rejected and canceled by the operator without further notice or explanation.

In the event of cancellation of paid order by the seller, the buyer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid without undue delay, but no later than 30 calendar days. Other claims are inadmissible and invalid.

Delivery time

All times and deadlines associated with delivery days are based on current experience and information from shipping companies. The operator does not guarantee any delivery time.

Exceptions to the preceding provision are orders with declared or otherwise specified time of delivery.

Shipping and payment fee

It is an aggregate fee that includes a shipping, packaging and payment fee if applicable.

Customs duties and other charges and customs declarations

The operator provides the necessary cooperation when sending the order to countries subject to customs declarations to the shipping company.

The payment of customs fees and other taxes and charges is liability of the buyer and as such are his duties and responsibilities. The shop operator has no obligation to deal with them in any way and has no responsibility for them.


The warranty period begins on the day the customer receives the goods.

The warranty covers hidden manufacturing and material defects in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws, for the period stipulated by law and under the conditions stipulated by law.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by incorrect or unauthorized intervention, due to the use of the goods for purposes other than those for which they are intended, improper storage, mechanical damage that is not caused by normal wear and tear, natural disasters or force majeure.


All complaints are handled in accordance with applicable law.

The complaint procedure must be followed and it is published in relevant help section of the online store.

Withdrawal from the purchase

The general conditions for withdrawal from the contract, also known as the return of goods within the statutory period, are within the meaning of applicable law.

The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase within legal period of 14 calendar days. The procedure to follow is published in appropriate section of the online store help section.

Data protection

The online store collects, stores, and processes only information necessary to operate the store legally and to process orders and to prevent fraudulent orders.

By placing an order or registering in the online store, the customer agrees that his data is stored and processed.

By placing an order or registering in the online store, the customer agrees to be added to the marketing list of email addresses of the store. This consent can be revoked at any time in the customer administration, by e-mail or by opting out.

The right to access or delete data is guaranteed and exercised in accordance with applicable law.

Final provisions

These terms and conditions apply to all purchases in this online store.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. The changes will take effect upon publication.

Any transport, sale or export barrier or restriction caused by national governments or any other government body which the operator is required to comply with shall be considered force majeure for the purposes of these conditions.

The shop operator or any provider of any necessary service or necessary part of the store shall not be liable for force majeure.

Store Operator

The operator and its business details are listed on the contact page of the store together with the available contact information.